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A space for sharing encouragement and joy in health and healing, and financial calamities.
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My Philosophy
You give someone hope when you care about them, so it is generated from love; and you dare to give hope when you have faith.
For example, beginning at 8 years old, I began to notice situations where doctors were wrong. First I want to say that I’m not anti-medical doctors. I just have come to recognize that doctors have been deified, yet they are not gods. They are human and can be wrong. Although MDs are in many cases a blessing, like people in any profession, there are some that are corrupt or inept.
And then there is simply the fact that we just don’t know everything yet. And this is where my philosophy comes in.
The doctor says someone has six months to live. But the person heals and lives another 20 good years. A doctor says a child will never walk and talk. Yet the parents work toward the child walking and talking, and the child does. The child may learn to read or even develop to be normal intellectually. This happens despite the fact that the doctors have given the family false despair.
False despair. Is there such a thing as false hope? I don’t believe so because the very definition of hope contradicts that.
But there is such a thing as false despair. You won’t find any of that here. I promise. 
My Promise to You
If you are here to find hope, I promise to present hopeful ideas and thoughts. And I promise I will pray for my readers — and help you connect with the resources you need.
So, if you have a minute, tell me why you’re here! 
I Promise to Listen 
Christiane Marshall